Did you know that fine metal dust can be combustible?

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In many instances, certain companies pay little attention to the necessary measures required to curb the harm that a particular activity can cause to their work and workers, as an alternative, they focus merely on the importance and benefits it yields. Some companies however lack requisite knowledge about the extent of damage that the action may possibly generate when it is allowed to persist to a level that is overwhelming.

Dealing with metal dust is very crucial in protecting a company from losing large amounts of investments. This is because metal dust is capable of initiating a fire-outbreak in metal processing and fabrication workshops.

Metal dusts due to their combustible nature, are capable of presenting high risks to workplaces. When metal dust potentiates a fire-outbreak in any working environment, companies are then subjected to having machinery and other equipment damaged. Workers in the same vein are likely to suffer injuries for which the company would have to suffer the heat of paying medical bills, paying compensations and in other jurisdictions suffer legal battles. They are also likely to be pushed out of business when damage is extensive such that they are unable to recuperate.

A wide range of metals such as aluminum, lithium, magnesium, tantalum, titanium, zirconium, and other metals generate metal dust in each process of milling, shaping and finishing. These range of activities including the processing of metals through machines does not occur without producing some level of hot metallic dust particles.

Companies that are involved in metal production and fabrication are advised to take combustible dust analysis exercises seriously, as it is mandatory for all workplaces where combustible dust is generated to conform. This helps companies to ascertain the severity of the likelihood of a fire-outbreak that may result from combustible dust generated in the workspace.

According to experts, the most important measure to curb the threat that combustible metal dust poses to companies is by providing combustible dust collectors and filtration units that are compliant with ATEX features.

Envirox Solutions For Dealing With Combustible Metal Dust

FlexFilter EX

The Nederman FlexFilter Ex is a third generation high vacuum dust collector unit specially designed for removing combustible dust that is capable of potentiating fire-outbreaks in workspaces. The compact design of the FlexFIlter EX makes it capable of withstanding overpressure from any possible explosion. This is all thanks to the explosion relief panel included in its design.

An added advantage of the ATEX compliant FlexFilter EX supplied by Envirox is that it ensures that combustible fine metal dust is extracted at source as they are produced. This prevents the dust from settling on surfaces, spreading throughout the facility thereby affecting air quality, and also prevents the quality of product from being affected by combustible dusts.

FMCZ Cartridge Filter

The Nederman FMCZ Cartridge Filter is a series of compact designs manufactured purposefully for dealing with combustible dusts in any plant facility.

Independently tested with ATEX compliant features for combustible dust, the FMCZ Cartridge Filters supplied by Envirox are highly effective in preventing combustible dust build-up in any workspace as it is highly efficient in extracting dust at source as it is generated.

Having a patented UniClean designed cartridges guarantees perfect cleaning for air volumes between 1 200–21 000 m3/h containing different types of dust.



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