KYOCERA Net Viewer Increases The Security Of Organisational Documents, Saves Money And Reduces Wastage

Saviour Avornyo
3 min readApr 10, 2020


KYOCERA Net Viewer
KYOCERA Net Viewer

The safekeeping of highly important documents belonging to every organisation is crucial to the stability of the organisation. Companies that lack the capacity to ensure optimally safe and secured document protection may risk possible litigations, lose customers and spend more on their budget.

For any organisation to be able to ensure the safety of its documents, it must have the capacity to ensure interconnectivity between all devices used in the office. This helps to track, monitor and safeguard how documents should be handled by employees.

Reducing the cost of doing business in any organisation can also be accomplished through the use of effective document solution monitoring tools that can provide a report of how and what devices are used for and the person responsible for each document operation.

KYOCERA Net Viewer: Highly Recommendable and Efficient Advocate

The KYOCERA Net Viewer is a highly proficient document solution software designed to increase the security of documents, cut down on cost and reduce wastage.

The KYOCERA Net Viewer is a highly operational tool that any organisation can use to ensure interconnectivity between all the devices they use. It provides an unrivalled memorandum for maximizing effective and efficient monitoring, maintenance, and update of all devices used by an organisation both locally and remotely.

The KYOCERA Net Viewer software enables organisations to install and update firmware (KX Driver, HyPAS application deployment, mini drivers and model support) on all interconnected devices with utmost flexibility.

The art of knowing who carried out an action and on which device the action was carried out is a very important feature that KYOCERA Net Viewer presents for effective monitoring of workers on how they handle and utilise devices as well as documents. This is because the software enables each worker to be given an account code which restricts one from interfering with other unauthorised documents by the company. The software sends a delivery report in the form of a snapshot to administrators to give insights of how employees use and handle documents, as well as devices.

Optimal and proper usage of devices can be promoted in organisations when the KYOCERA Net Viewer is deployed. Thus, it can easily monitor and give account of all documents printed in black or colour, monitor and give updates on device configurations, paper and toner usage, and also alerts you on very important device issues.

Other key advantages that organisations can reap from using the KYOCERA Net Viewer software include:

  • Automatic discovery of all network devices of up to 100 devices
  • Well defined display of device information, which includes settings, counters, users, address book, logs, etc.
  • Detailed user behaviour tracking account
  • Remote configuration of device settings and properties
  • A single easy to use interface that ensures quality and flexible device management and accounting
  • Device status notifications (e.g. paper jams, low toner) via e-mail
  • Customisable views for device groups and according to dynamic criteria (e.g. all devices with low toner)
  • Map display with user defined background
  • Importation and exportation of device information analysing data
  • Multi set: Simultaneous configuration of single and multiple devices — Default and custom views

KDS Direct, a trusted supplier of KYOCERA devices, software and accessories in South Africa, has the capacity to supply and install various KYOCERA document solutions for all offices, including the latest KYOCERA Net Viewer version 5.5, which is specially designed for SMEs to ease activities.

The version 5.5 of the KYOCERA Net Viewer is enriched with super performances such as counter readings, remote device configuration, status feedback, accounting and alerts of network devices and is controlled at a single central administration console with simplicity and flexibility.



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