Quality Insurance Company’s Choral Group: Elevating Brand Recall through Viral Engagement

Saviour Avornyo
4 min readJul 5


In the digital age, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their brand recall and engage with their target audience. Quality Insurance Company (QIC), a prominent insurance provider, has ingeniously utilized their in-house choral group to create a viral sensation. By combining the power of music, captivating performances, and strategic branding, I witnessed how QIC successfully captured the attention of viewers and significantly amplified their brand recognition.

The Viral Impact of QIC’s Choral Group:

In recent times, a video featuring QIC’s choral group has taken social media platforms by storm, especially WhatsApp statuses. Almost every week, I see at least five people on my WhatsApp contacts updating their statuses with the choral musical performance. With its harmonious melodies and inspiring performances, the video has become widely shared and celebrated. However, beyond the beautiful singing, as a brand strategist, I noticed an additional layer of branding subtly integrated into the video. The choristers were elegantly adorned in branded clothing, ensuring that the QIC logo was prominently displayed throughout the performance.

Strategic Branding at Its Finest:

QIC’s decision to dress their choral group in branded attire is a testament to their astute brand strategy. By aligning their brand with the emotions and enjoyment evoked by the choir’s performances, QIC has found a unique way to enhance brand recall. As I observed the video, I was captivated by the melodious voices and heartfelt expressions, subconsciously associating those positive emotions with the QIC brand.

The Power of Emotional Connection:

One of the reasons why QIC’s choral group has resonated so deeply with audiences is the emotional connection it creates. As a brand strategist and digital communications expert, I recognize the extraordinary ability of music to evoke emotions and forge connections between people. By sharing a joyful and uplifting performance, the choral group taps into viewers’ emotions, creating a powerful bond that extends beyond a mere advertisement. Consequently, individuals are more likely to remember and positively perceive QIC when they encounter the brand in the future.

Amplified Reach through Viral Sharing:

The viral nature of the video, with people eagerly sharing it on platforms like WhatsApp, further amplifies the reach of QIC’s brand. As viewers are captivated by the performance and compelled to share the video, they unwittingly become brand ambassadors for QIC. Each share introduces the brand to new audiences, thus a prospective customer, significantly increasing the likelihood of brand recall and recognition. This organic dissemination of the video results in an expanding network of individuals associating the uplifting experience with the QIC brand.

As of the time of writing this article, QIC’s TikTok account, where the virality and impact originated, boasts an impressive following of 90.3K followers and 433.2K likes. Their top-performing video has garnered over 2.8 million views, 3,000 comments, and 23,000 shares, establishing the tremendous impact of their digital content.


Long-lasting Impression:

QIC’s strategic utilization of its choral group, known as the “QIC Choir,” has the potential to create a lasting impression in the minds of viewers. By combining memorable musical performances with strategic branding, I believe QIC has achieved a unique synergy. When individuals encounter QIC in the future, whether through advertisements, online platforms, or personal interactions such as sales activations, there is a high probability that they will recall the positive emotions and associations from the viral video. This heightened brand recall fosters trust, familiarity, and ultimately leads to increased engagement with QIC’s products and services, resulting in a significant return on investment.


While this success story continues, I recommend that Quality Insurance Company deliberately and strategically showcase the wide range of services they offer in their videos to leverage the widespread attention for easy marketing. Additionally, they should cross-promote the viral impact on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more to expand their reach and engage with a broader audience.


Quality Insurance Company’s choral group has effectively harnessed the power of music, captivating performances, and strategic branding to create a viral sensation that significantly enhances brand recall. By elegantly incorporating their brand into the choir’s attire, QIC ensures that their logo is prominently displayed throughout the video. Additionally, the emotional connection established through the choir’s heartfelt performances and the viral sharing of the video amplifies the reach and impact of the brand. This innovative approach exemplifies the ability of companies, as observed, to leverage creative strategies to forge lasting connections with their target audience, ultimately fostering brand loyalty and engagement.

Written by Saviour Avornyo



Saviour Avornyo

Saviour Avornyo is an editor and content marketing professional at Binary Means, an email marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors.